No More Numbness, Pain, Flu Or Bronchitis

In 2017 I began having intense pain in my knee and hip and needed a cane to walk. After some medical care I no longer needed the cane but was still not feeling well enough to do the things I love, gardening, hiking and rolling on the floor with my grandsons. After attending your workshop and learning about your method of using an adjusting instrument called the Activator, I decided to give chiropractic a try. On my first visit I was immediately impressed with your evaluation and explanation of how each (painless) adjustment affected my body. I used to wake up each morning with numbness in my arm and assumed this was due to sleeping on it, but after three visits, the numbness has disappeared. I can walk and sit without pain. This past year is the first that I did not have the flu or bronchitis and most importantly, I am now back to doing all the things I love. I wish all healthcare professionals listened to and cared about their patients the way you do.

I feel like a new person thanks to you. Your chiropractic care has impacted my life!

Barbara M