In 2017 I began having intense pain in my knee and hip and needed a cane to walk. After some medical care I no longer needed the cane but was still not feeling well enough to do the things I love, gardening, hiking and rolling on the floor with my grandsons. After attending your workshop and learning about your method of using an adjusting instrument called the Activator, I decided to give chiropractic a try. On my first visit I was immediately impressed with your evaluation and explanation of how each (painless) adjustment affected my body. I used to wake up each morning with numbness in my arm and assumed this was due to sleeping on it, but after three visits, the numbness has disappeared. I can walk and sit without pain. This past year is the first that I did not have the flu or bronchitis and most importantly, I am now back to doing all the things I love. I wish all healthcare professionals listened to and cared about their patients the way you do.

I feel like a new person thanks to you. Your chiropractic care has impacted my life!

Barbara M

No More Numbness, Pain, Flu Or Bronchitis

I suffered numerous miscarriages before I became a patient of Dr. Thum’s. I followed her treatment plan, went to wellness talks and followed her at home instructions. Her adjustments helped me feel great and I am now the proud mom of a healthy, amazing 10 year old son! She may remember me by my maiden name, Lori Rageis and I was her patient in 2001-2002. I live in Ohio now but I will always love Dr. Carleen for making me well so I could have my baby. She’s the best!

Help with Fertility

Dr. Carleen Thum was the first chiropractor to check my spine when I was 13 years old in 1984. I have enjoyed a lifetime of good health based on the foundation of knowledge which was shared with me as a girl. She taught me about the way the body works and the importance of chiropractic care. I have been rarely ill, and although I have sustained injuries through life, I have been able to fully recover and I believe that chiropractic care has played a part in that! I can honestly say that I would not be the same person I am today if it were not for Dr. Carleen Thum taking the time to not only provide care, but to genuinely care and educate me so that I would become an advocate for my own health and well-being. Thank you Carleen for caring enough to put a young girl on the road to a healthy life. You are and always will be the best at what you do.

Lifelong Value

“Thank you for your service to the community and for all your wisdom and kindness to me.”


“In the past couple of months you have been able to put me together and keep me there. You’re doing a great job. Keep going.”

Good Work

“I am truly blessed to be one of your many patients. The care that I receive has helped me remain healthy by putting my asthma and hay fever into remission, and avoiding respiratory illnesses, which I dealt with prior to starting my journey with chiropractic.”

Healthier Lungs

“After many months with hourly events of severe numbness in my left hand, and after being diagnosed with stenosis of the spine by a neurologist, the problem persisted. The only solution offered was surgical. After deciding to take an alternate approach, I began seeing Dr. Carleen Thum for Chiropractic spinal adjustments. After only a couple of visits, the numbness in my hand dramatically decreased to twice daily. After eight visits of Chiropractic adjustment the numbness has completely gone away and has not returned. I highly recommend Dr. Thum’s Chiropractic services.”

Dramatic Changes

“I have felt the closest to my full self in years! Every day for the past week I’ve had big wins with my energy levels, optimism, sense of humor, strength, and have BEEN mostly pain-free all day long.”

Vitality Restored

“First of all, I want to thank you for the care and dedication you provide. It always warms my heart when I recommend your practice to a friend or neighbor, and then learn how much better they are feeling as they continue with their Chiropractic adjustments.”

Referring Friends