As an experienced Chiropractor for more than three decades, Dr. Carleen Thum delights in encouraging people to live their lives fully with good health and wellness as their strongest asset. People under her care have achieved outstanding healing benefits from the simple, yet profound practice of receiving regular spinal check-ups and adjustments. The key is regularity, not regimentation.

To achieve these fine results Dr. Thum uses gentle Activator Methods to adjust the spine and extremities. She holds an Advanced Proficiency Rating in this widely researched and well- documented technique which has been the gold standard of chiropractic instrument adjusting since 1967.

Chiropractic adjustments activate the body’s self-healing and self-restorative functions by removing damaging blockages in the flow of nerve impulses or life force energy from the spine and extremities.

New practice members receive an initial Wellness Workup consisting of state of the art posture analysis and neuro-spinal scans to measure the body’s ability to adapt to stress. A vitalistic approach to care is then mutually developed by Dr. and practice member to address both immediate issues and projected wellness goals. Care also includes supportive movement strategies and moments of insight offered to enhance lifestyle changes. Progress is carefully monitored with periodic re-evaluations to achieve optimal results.

Take the first step toward better health and schedule your Wellness Workup today. Call 609-250-3188. All ages are welcome. Payment is accepted by cash, check or credit card. Receipts for insurance purposes are provided upon request.