Thank you for visiting my website. Due to unfortunate circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic,
Gentle Chiropractic is permanently closed.

Patients are now being seen by a qualified proficiency rated Activator Doctor in the Princeton area.
For more information please contact Dr. Carleen Thum HERE

With my heartfelt intentions for your best health and wellness.

Dr. Carleen Thum is an experienced chiropractor who delights in encouraging people to live their lives fully with good health and wellness as their strongest asset. She works to provide natural healing for optimal living. To achieve these good results Dr. Thum uses gentle techniques to adjust the spine and extremities. She holds an Advanced Proficiency Rating in Activator Methods, a widely researched and well-documented technique which is the gold standard of chiropractic instrument adjusting.

Life takes its toll on our bodies, beginning at birth. We experience many different types of stressors, whether they are physical, chemical or emotional. These stressors are known to disturb the spine and central nervous system which control and coordinate all the body’s functions. By adjusting the spine Dr. Thum removes damaging blockages in the flow of nerve impulses or life force energy. Chiropractic adjustments make a profound and positive influence in the healing process by reversing subtle changes in cellular activity which lead to dysfunction and disease.

New practice members receive an initial Wellness Workup consisting of state of the art posture analysis and neuro-spinal scans to measure the body’s ability to adapt to stress. A vitalistic approach to care is then mutually developed by Dr. and practice member to address both immediate issues and projected wellness goals. Care also includes supportive movement strategies and insights offered to enhance lifestyle changes. Progress is carefully monitored with periodic re-evaluations to achieve optimal results.


“After many months with hourly events of severe numbness in my left hand, and after being diagnosed with stenosis of the spine by a neurologist, the problem persisted. The only solution offered was surgical. After deciding to take an alternate approach, I began seeing Dr. Carleen Thum for Chiropractic spinal adjustments. After only a couple of visits, the numbness in my hand dramatically decreased to twice daily. After eight visits of Chiropractic adjustment the numbness has completely gone away and has not returned. I highly recommend Dr. Thum’s Chiropractic services.”

Dramatic Changes

I suffered numerous miscarriages before I became a patient of Dr. Thum’s. I followed her treatment plan, went to wellness talks and followed her at home instructions. Her adjustments helped me feel great and I am now the proud mom of a healthy, amazing 10 year old son! She may remember me by my maiden name, Lori Rageis and I was her patient in 2001-2002. I live in Ohio now but I will always love Dr. Carleen for making me well so I could have my baby. She’s the best!

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